Dynamometer Repair & Service

Dynamometer Repair

Power Dyne follows a tried and true process for each dynamometer repair:

  • Photos are taken of your dynamometer when it arrives documenting the wear and tear that the unit has endured and to record any unusual failures. It also insures that your unit it assembled and all accessories are installed back on the dynamometer in the same position as when it first arrived.
  • The dynamometer is then tore down and notes are made on the condition of the parts. All parts are sent to be sandblasted so that we get a good clean surface to record measurements.
  • All necessary parts are then measured to see what needs to be replaced and or repaired.
  • A quote is then written up and sent to the customer for final approval.
  • Once approval is given we proceed with repairs. All repairs are made back to the original manufactures (OEM) specifications.
  • You, the customer, are welcome at any time to call for an update or a visit to see the progress of your rebuild.

Starter Repairs

Power Dyne possesses the ability to repair all non-electric starting products including pneumatic, spring and hydraulic starting systems. We service most makes and models of dynamometer air starters - Ingersol Rand, TDI and Pow-R-Quik, just to name a few.

Spin & Trim Balancing

Power Dyne also possesses the capability to spin test dynamometers ensuring everything is rotating properly, the lubrication system is operating correctly and water is flowing with no leaks. We also perform trim balancing up to 10,000 RPM if your unit is experiencing vibration problems. *Note: We are NOT able to load test any dynamometer.

Preventative Maintenance

Power Dyne performs on-site and in-shop preventative maintenance and test cell audits. We thoroughly inspect and test your dyno unit during our maintenance audits replacing filters, lubricate moving parts and performing cleaning of parts as needed. We encourage all of our customer’s maintenance teams to visit our shop and go through their dynamometers with us. We focus mainly on lubricating systems and maintaining an optimal operating temperature.

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