Definition of Semblance Noun

The vacuum insulated travel cup keeps drinks hot for hours Nowadays, it is not easy to maintain the appearance of a social life. After months of patients avoiding hospitals and clinics for fear of exposure to the virus, vaccinations are online that promise to bring society and the pharmaceutical industry back to some semblance of normalcy. Nevertheless, amid the uncertainty, the people of Bab al-Salameh are doing their best to bring some semblance of order into their lives. For the last four and a half years of his life, from 1963 until his death in April 1968, King lived without any semblance of privacy. And any semblance of normality that had existed before seemed to have evaporated. A fairly small child, for example, will pretend to do something by taking an empty cup and giving the impression of drinking. The semblance is a matter of illusion. Stuffing all your dirty clothes into the closet creates the appearance or false appearance you made your laundry – but the stench could betray you. The country has finally returned to a semblance of normality. First, the neesoneske action hero must convey a semblance of hard-earned depth that helps older viewers identify. He turned his eyes to her; but there was no sympathy on their shelves; no belief in the appearance of their tears. Certainly, in his authority, externally, he was rather indifferent. And it was clear that we wouldn`t even maintain the appearance of friendship.

During the memorable morning hours, the blue sky seemed to stretch from horizon to horizon, with careful scrutiny needed to detect the thinnest semblance of clouds. Like art, play on its representative side aims to create an imitation or appearance of something. It took months, she said, for some semblance of normalcy to take root. If there`s one spark of comfort for the Wizards, it`s that the team finally found some semblance of a spark on the bench this weekend. Semblance comes from the 14th century French word for “to look”, and it is a name for things that look in one direction from the outside but are very different inside. A popular combination is to say that a person or place has the “appearance of order” when everything has gotten out of control underneath. The imitating impulse that leads to the production of the appearance of something appears very early in the child`s life. Middle English, from Anglo-French, from appearing to Like, seems to be more similar. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your essential guide to English language problems.

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